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Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale

How to find the correct Personal Injury Attorney in the Fort Lauderdale area that will be a good fit for your needs.


Have you recently been in an accident and looking to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Florida to represent you? Let our quick, easy, informal guide and a promise of no  ‘lawyer’ talk.  Let us help point you in the right direction, as well as answer some questions along the way too!

An all too common question that many people ask is ‘What does a Personal Injury Lawyer do exactly’?  Why do I need to hire one?

Does it make a difference with an attorney or not? Can’t I just fight the case myself and save myself the headaches of dealing with an attorney and cost of it all?

The best way to answer these questions  is to think of it like this,  you are in a boxing match, but to be great, you need a coach to guide you and fight for you as well.  Well your Personal Injury Attorney is kind of like your coach who’s in the corner fighting away for you and guiding you along the way, not to mention also taking all of the ‘hits’ for you aka calls from the other attorney as well as calls from the insurance company among others.

If you have in fact been in an accident of any kind, which most likely means that your life has already been affected in some way or another, whether it be due to your injuries or a loss of a job as a result of time off for recovery from your injuries,.  Regardless of what the  case may be, you really need to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer to fight on your behalf.  Would it be possible to handle yourself, yes it would be, but to be honest most people get so tired of the stress that they just give up, even if their case is one worth fighting for.

As far as the cost of hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, and how the fees work with hiring a Personal Injury Attorney, there is no cost to you upfront.  As with any Personal Injury Attorney, not just Fort Lauderdale, FL, everything works on a contingency basis.  The quick version of what contingency means is that you will never have to pay any money what so ever to hire a lawyer for a Personal Injury Case, all of the fees for your lawyer will be taken at the end of your case when a settlement has been reached.

As far as fighting your case, why would you want to?  When you can hire an expert attorney without any expense to you upfront, it really is the easier way to do things.  Keep in mind that although it may seem like a small thing to perhaps fight a case from your car accident that you were in or another accident, but it’s not.  More often than not, injuries sustained from car accidents, and car wrecks  can often be life long injuries, you may be left with some sort of neck ache that just never really goes away, and always comes back.

Injuries like this are often not foreseen, especially if you’ve never been in an accident before, you don’t know what to expect.  Your personal injury attorney has not only seen this before but has probably seen it at least a hundred times and understands what the ramifications are from that ‘little’ (not so) fender bender that you were in.  You want someone who understands these things and will fight on your behalf, so let an attorney do it for you.

The next thing that you want to do is to make sure that the attorney or lawyer that you look for is a ‘Personal Injury Attorney’ or a ‘Personal Injury Lawyer’, which both mean the same thing, both are attorneys, or lawyers, how ever you feel most comfortable saying it.  The most important thing to remember is that you need someone to represent you who works in ‘Personal Injury Law’, as with your case, which is personal injury related.

There are all sorts of attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, and although they could probably all ‘technically’ represent you, you really want someone who only works in Personal Injury Law.  A Divorce Lawyer probably isn’t going to do you much good when it comes to dealing with all of the terms of your ‘accident’ case now would they?!  Don’t worry, there are a ton of Personal Injury Attorneys in Florida, so finding a good one won’t be a problem for you.

How do you go about finding a Personal Injury Lawyer to represent you in your case?  There are lots of ways that people go about finding an attorney to represent them, but we would imagine that you want the quickest most efficient way to do that right?  The best and by far simplest way to find not only a good Personal Injury  Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, but a great one is to look at any of the many attorney / lawyer review sites.

The reason we really like going about searching for a new attorney in Florida this way is because they are not only honest, but also very current.  Sometimes lawyers move offices, move across the state etc. etc., by looking this way you should get to know the who’s who of Personal Injury Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale pretty quickly.

Another reason that we really like these kind of lawyer review sites is because people like yourselves are the ones leaving the reviews.  The reviews are from people who were once clients of these attorneys and have left their reviews on how their case was handled as well as their overall ratings and opinions.  We don’t think that it really gets any better than this when searching for a new Personal Injury Attorney in Florida.

Might we also mention that these review sites are not only just for the state of Florida but for the entire USA as well, so if you have any friends who live in another state and find themselves in a similar situation, this is a great tip to pass along.  Why spend hours looking for a new lawyer unnecessarily, sure does seem like a colossal waste of time now doesn’t it?
Once you’ve found the firm or attorney that you feel will work well for you, you just need to go in to meet with your attorney and go over your case with them.  Often attorneys and lawyers can be pretty flexible when it comes to making time for new clients, and will most likely fit you in right away.

Remember to bring all of your paperwork and documentation along with you, as your new attorney will certainly want to have a look over everything to see where things are at.  Just think the faster you move things along, the faster all of this will be behind you.  Happy Personal Injury Attorney Shopping in Fort Lauderdale!  We hope these tips and tricks were able to at least save you a little bit of time and make this whole process much faster for you.