Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta

Have you been involved in an accident or been injured in Atlanta Georgia?

Let us walk you through the steps of how to find the best Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta that is the best fit for you and your needs.  Finding a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do, although it may seem like an overwhelming thought especially with all of that lawyer mumble jumble out there making it overly complicated and super confusing.

We are here to help simplify the whole process for you and help to explain the steps to take to get the best possible representation in Atlanta, GA.

What does a Personal Injury Lawyer do?  A Personal Injury Lawyer is someone who practices in ‘Personal Injury Law’ and specializes in that kind of law.

There are many different types of law for a lawyers to choose to practice in, such as Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Patent Law, Tax Law, Contract Law, International Law just to name a few, and of course Personal Injury Law among many others.

What exactly is Personal Injury Law one might ask? Personal Injury Law has to do with people who have been injured and are seeking compensation for their injuries.

The job of your Personal Injury Lawyer is to represent you and get the best possible compensation for you in your lawsuit.  There are many different Personal Injury Lawyers in Atlanta, and there are many different things to look for when looking to find a Personal Injury Lawyer to represent you.

If you have a very specific type of injury like a spinal cord injury or a head injury, it would most likely be easier to work with a lawyer in Atlanta who has already worked with these types of cases and is familiar with all that goes into handling a case like this.

Of course it is always best to use your judgement when selecting a lawyer, as just because someone has had experience in a certain area, does not necessarily make them the best Personal Injury Lawyer that you will find in Atlanta Georgia.

Due diligence is always important with things like this as your life will forever be affected by what may seem like this ‘one simple decision’ in choosing which lawyer and which law firm that you do inevitably end up going with.

Some people may say that when looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer that the first thing that you need to look for is experience, I beg to differ.  J

ust because a lawyer has a certain number of years under their belt, does not make them great at what they do, and someone with far less experience can be just as great if not better.

This is again another place to use your judgement, I think much of this is depends on the type of injuries you have and how serious your injuries are, and how life altering they may be.

If you have a pretty serious case, then I certainly wouldn’t go and rush into hiring the first lawyer that you find, take your time and look around at what Personal Injury Lawyers are available in Atlanta, and what other people have to say about them. Take a look and see if there are reviews on the lawyer, as well as what other experience they have in personal injury law, as well as what their former clients have had to say about them.

I would suggest selecting someone that makes you feel comfortable, and at ease because this can and most likely will be a stressful situation at times.  If you pick a lawyer that you feel understands you and your needs, and has experience in Personal Injury Law, then I think it’s a win win.

Some cases will go on for months, potentially even years, so picking someone that you get along with is always a good thing!  When there is a lot at stake due to an accident or injuries, and financial losses, yes of course it’s important to hire the best Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta GA, but it might take a little bit of time to find that person that you feel comfortable with and best represents ‘you’, so don’t rush, and don’t let anyone push you into a decision that you are not comfortable with or don’t think best suits you.

Yes time is of the essence and there is a time limit on how long you have to file a suit, but with that in mind, take the time that you need, and in the meanwhile, document your injuries and how they are affecting your day to day life, as well as what you are taking and or doing for pain management.

Your life and livelihood are at stake, so make the best decision for you, and pick the best Personal Injury Lawyer for you.

What Is Personal Injury Law

What is personal Injury Law?

Often the term Personal Injury Law is thrown around and used quite casually, as if to assume that it’s a word that everyone should just ‘know’ and use in their vocabulary on a daily basis.

To people who have very little do with lawyers or have had no reason in their life to know anything about how a law firm works or anything to do with law terminology, this is a foreign term, and rightfully so.

Well I’m here to tell you, that although these fancy words are used to describe things, there’s really nothing fancy about them, just the people trying to use them!

We will get down to the heart of it, and find out what all of this ‘not’ so fancy latin really means.  Let me give you a quick breakdown, and I promise it won’t be boring and dry like most law related stuff really is.

I promise to keep it all in ‘normal’ non fancy english too!  I do think that sometimes all of these big words are often used just to confuse us non-lawyer types.

The term Personal Injury Law is meant to refer to anyone who is involved in a civil case or civil lawsuit.  You ask, okay what is this other (dry) term supposed to mean?

Yes, I know I said we’d  be using all normal english, and none of that fancy stuff, but to get there, we’ll have to use a few of those ‘not so fancy’ foreign sounding lawyers terms to make sense of this all.  Okay, let’s carry on..

A civil lawsuit is a lawsuit that involves two parties, and is a private dispute between two people or two organizations generally over wrong doing or in lawyer terms this is referred to as ‘wrongful conduct’.

When people sue one another, especially in Personal Injury Law, it’s because they have been hurt as a result of the actions of another, and therefore would like compensation or money for their injuries and losses as a result of their injuries.

There is no link between Personal Injury Law and Criminal Law other than they are both facets of law.  Criminal Law is a whole other ball game that we will save for another (dry) day!

To give you an example of when you would need to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer, lets just say that you were out doing some Christmas shopping for your loved ones, and wanted to check out this department store.

Well on your way into this department store, and in getting sidetracked with the busyness of the season and all of the great decorations in the windows, you failed to notice the ice all over the walkway when you were about to enter the store, which you normally would have noticed.

So as you were about to go into the store, you fell and I mean you really fell, and fell hard.  As a result of falling, you wrecked your back and now have a very bad back injury that won’t allow you to do anything, and everything you do causes you pain including sitting at your desk to do work.

Okay I know, a long story and you get the picture.  The short of it, you injured your back and who knows what else in your body as a result of this fall while shopping.


As we all know, it’s up to the store to make sure that their storefront is clear of any ice, snow or debris that could potentially cause harm, which like in this case it did.

Now I’m not a ‘fancy’ lawyer here, and I didn’t go to some ‘fancy’ school to be able to tell you any of this, but I think it’s pretty obvious as to what happened here, and this is by ‘no’ part any fault of your own, but quite clearly this is as a result of the stores negligence to keep the storefront clean for customers and any other people.

This is the time when you would absolutely want to ‘consult’ with a lawyer or in regular english, you would want to call a lawyer to see what can be done and should be done.

Now you don’t just want to call any lawyer in this case, but you would want to call a Personal Injury Lawyer, so basically a lawyer who is well versed in ‘Personal Injury Law’, and knows how these things work.

A lawyer who works within Personal Injury Law deals with people like yourself all day long and should and normally does have a great understanding as how to handle a case such as yours.

This is all Personal Injury Lawyers like this do all day long, and yes although their cases may vary from one type of accident to another, the process is the same, and it’s their job to try and get as much money for you as they can for your ‘settlement’, which as a result means that they too will make more once the case is settled.

That my friend is Personal Injury Law in a nutshell without any (okay most) of the ‘fancy’ terminology.  I tried to avoid giving you the same old generic ‘personal injury law wikipedia’ version or the actual ‘personal injury law definition’ given in the dictionary or on some fancy law site with all of the huge words, but something that was written in plain old english and easy to understand, just as I would want it.

I hope you enjoyed this, and everything makes a little more sense to you now as  a result.  Maybe now we actually have a bit of an understanding as well what all of these ‘fancy’ lawyers do besides talking in Latin all day long and sitting behind a huge desk in suits all day long!

Car Accident Lawyer and Car Accident Attorney Tampa Florida

Have you been in a car accident in Tampa this morning? Let us help you figure out what you need to do next. Finding a good car accident attorney in Tampa doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do, and with the right information in hand it should be a breeze.

If you have had a car accident in Tampa today, the first thing that you need to do is to get medical attention to make sure that you are okay, and any injuries that you do have been addressed and are documented.

The first thing that you need to do upon arriving at the hospital or doctors office is to let them know that you have been in an auto accident, so they can include that information in your chart. It is also important to document any injuries as soon as possible as well as to document any damage to your car as well as any other vehicles at the accident scene.

If there has been an accident, chances are that the police would have shown up and also taken a police report, if not that too needs to be done as well. If you do not feel well, you can go to the hospital first and do the report later, however it would be best to consult an attorney before doing so.

Once you have done all of these steps it is important to find an attorney to fight on your behalf. In cases such as this, attorneys or lawyers are most often called ‘Personal Injury Lawyers’ or ‘Personal Injury Attorney’.

These attorneys will fight on your behalf and handle the insurance companies directly for you, you will not be required to pay any money up front as they will work on ‘contingency’ basis meaning when you get paid a settlement at the end of your case, they will take their percentage for their work.

This is a good incentive for your attorneys to work hard on your behalf because the more money that you get paid out means the more money that they get paid at the end of the case.

Throughout your case, attorneys will often pay for any out of pocket expenses like medical exams and prescriptions, which will also come out of your end settlement amount.

When you speak to an attorney that you are considering hiring for your car accident, you can discuss these details and ask any other questions you may have.

A great way to find a good auto accident attorney in Tampa is to ask any friends or family for referrals or to look online for different ‘Personal Injury Attorneys’ in your area, and find someone that speaks to you and you feel would represent you the best.

If you are looking for an attorney for a fatal car accident in Tampa, they too also handle these cases. What you really want to look for is an attorney who believes in you and will truly fight on your behalf. If you are unsure of whether or not you need an attorney, it is always best to go in and speak to a lawyer and see if this is something you need. It does not cost anything to have a consultation with an attorney about your accident, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and the sooner the better.

If you have injuries resulting from an accident that you were in, chances are, you need an attorney. Often with time these injuries get worse and will become more apparent, and may affect your ability to be able to work as well as your quality of living.

All of these things your attorney will help to guide you through and help you to handle, and take care of on your behalf.

We hope that this information has left you feeling a bit more at ease in your very stressful day, and will make everything that much more straightforward and simple in finding the right Tampa attorney today.